Thursday, May 10, 2018

Starting a Business Online With Free Web Hosting

Starting a Business Online With Free Web Hosting- Is it right or not?

Everybody seems to have a view about free web hosting. Some see it as the worst idea possible while others see it as a necessary facility to help those on a tight budget get their websites online. Where possible you should always go for paid web hosting. If you are a business or intend to earn money from your site then using free hosting will give the wrong impression to your visitors. Businesses should never ever contemplate free web hosting.

Free web host has many problems.The main problem with free web hosting is that, in order to make up the money shortfall that they are not receiving from customers, the hosts accept paid advertising and will display ads or banners on your website. It is not rare to see adverts from rival companies displayed on a free hosted site and for a business this would be commercial suicide. Even worse is that they sometimes use pop ups and pop unders which visitors to your site will find extremely annoying. This may even stop them from coming back to your site. If you don’t mind having adverts appear on your site then you should place your own adverts so that you make the money from them not the web host.

Before you sign up for free web hosting it is worth checking out exactly how much disk space and bandwidth you get. Often you will find these are very limited and that your site may go offline in the later part of the month if it is busy. Also check what sort of advertising the hosting company will place on your sites I really can’t emphasize enough that you don’t want any free web hosting that utilizes pop ups not only do they annoy people they can also carry viruses and spyware.

Despite all the negativity about free web hosting it does have its place, if you want to set up a site for family or friends to view family news or photographs then they are a great way to share. If you want to keep in contact with friends while travelling once again they may be the ideal solution.

There are thousands of free web hosting solutions available so you should have no problem finding a decent host that will provide a usable solution for you. It makes sense to shop around and not choose the first host you find. It also makes sense to contact current users and make sure that they are happy with the free web hosting that their host provides.

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