Monday, May 21, 2018

Things to look before choosing a host

what things we should look forward to choosing a host?
How often do you back up the files?
The answer you should be looking for is that they backup every night. You should also keep an up to date copy of your site on your computer to be in the safe mode.
What sort of equipment and software is in place to ensure that my site is up?
Most Internet Hosting Companies use some combination of equipment and software to ensure that the servers are up and working, that is very much important.
How many domains can we host per account?
would they charge you extra for the domain names or since it all goes to one site will you be charged just for one.
If we plan on hosting several sites to see which ones will be successful, we might want to ask for a volume discount or ask if they have a reseller package.
What are their billing policies?
You need to find out who to contact if you have a problem with billing and what is the process for solving problems.

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