Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Top Shared Web Hosting Companies

Top Shared Web Hosting Companies
Shared web hosting is low price web hosting with a no of useful choices. If you don’t want to manage your system administration then Shared hosting is one of the best choice for your business. No doubt shared web hosting is one of the most popular web hosting option. Shared hosting is economical and user friendly because server is shared between two users and functions and duties of system administration is divided and pre decided.
Shared hosting offers you a number of benefits, which makes it the most popular choice for web hosting service high on demand on the market. Although it is comes within a small budget of yours with ideal features for your business, but it do not offers a complete solution for every kind of business requirements.
Shared hosting is cost effective and it’s an advantage to user. As you share the servers and services with others so the running cost of website goes down. If you are using a shared hosting service, then your website’s server is shared among a number of other users. You might have access over your account and services but the parental control lies within your web host. The servers its storage and data transfers speed are shared and keeps your cost low.
Overall Shared hosting offers a package that contains all features you need most of the time. Not necessary to have root or parental control over your website with lots of disc space and ultra fast data transfer rates, these features do not affect the smooth function of personal websites, small businesses, a no of organizations such as the e-commerce sites are doing excellent with shared hosting. As the shared hosting company keeps your server maintained, then it will definitely take care of any kind of problem your website facing off. For beginners and those who do not will to manage their system resources, the shared hosting option is win win condition.
Some top shared web hosting providers are discussed here in order to help the user to choose a compatible and effective one.
Blue host: The big brother among web hosts and today its big brand name. They offer you 99.9% uptime in peak hours when traffic is heavy. For beginners they have special packages. They offer you a Domain name and web design with templates all free of cost.
In Motion Hosting: For business class hosting In Motion hosting is a trusted brand which gives reliable performance. Their acknowledged team of tech support offers you 99.9% uptime, that’s why they are among favorites for active users.
Web Hosting Hub: Web Hosting Hub is the best bargain for small businesses. They offer you user friendly control panel, website maker, with their ultimate tech support. They are unbeatable about their price and value. They have claimed awards for their value services.
HostGator: HostGator: Hostgator hosts a large network of domains estimated to be around 8 million. It’s a established name in the web hosting industry. Their package contains 1-click installation, 99.9% up time, and 24/7 tech support.
SiteGround: SiteGround is recognized web host known for providing ultimate data transfer speed with full proof security solutions which makes make your site fast and secure one.
Site5: Site5 is offers location specific hosting solution with excellent support and services. It is counted among the favorites for beginners as they them offer special plans.
Shared web hosting is best buy for beginners and smaller websites useful for new bloggers and small businesses. If your website is simple which do not contains any slogan then it’s a useful deal.

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