Monday, May 14, 2018

Unlimited bandwidth controversy

Now a lot of hosting companies are supposedly providing "unlimited bandwidth" for their web hosting packages. What u think about that?

unlimited bandwidth is impossible.

Its absolutely true, you can have unlimited bandwidth. However, you will need an unlimited amount of money by your side.

There are a lot of ways you can be duped by these "unlimited" hosts; here are just a few of them:
The secret of "unlimited" is actually buried in the Terms of Service by the host. Do not be surprised to find that unlimited = 15 GB.

The host may also restrict the sort of files that you can host on their server. Generally image galleries and audio/video files attract a lot more downloads thereby resulting in higher bandwidth consumption. So if there are no files of this type, your site would not really require a lot of bandwidth.

Some newly opened hosts use it as a scam. They take your money and after a few months when their server starts to become slow or reaches its limit, they run - with your money!

In life it is a universal truth that you always get what you pay for, and it's no different for web hosting.

Do you really want unlimited bandwidth hosting from hosts that have very limited resources at their disposal? Or, do you want to go for a host that has spent thousands of dollars on setting up a good network infrastructure, servers, and a highly qualified and dedicated support team?

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bandwidth means transfer of data and this is true the we can send a finite data in a single time through the line as processes in water's pipeline.
As well as if we consider the hard drives then it is also consist a limited space so that both a finite data transfer rate and limited disk space makes the thing impossible which is called unlimited bandwidth.
Some of few websites uses low space and not much bandwidth than Web hosting companies that provide unlimited bandwidth as a plan feature are cashing on the fact that you won't use very much things.
Most webhosting companies that offer unlimited as a plan feature will have restrictions on using the server resources, restrictions on upload and downloads of audio & video etc.Which generates problems so many times.
If we have lot of visitors on our site and if they are downloads songs,movies from our site than do not choose an unlimited plan hoping to find unrestricted bandwidth.

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