Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Upgradation of Reseller Plan

If my business expands can I upgrade automatically to a higher Hosting Plan with cpwebhosting?
Yes, from your Hosting Control Panel, you can easily change your Hosting Plan and with the expansion of your business, you can always opt for a higher plan. There is no fee and you can change any time. When you change, system credits payment you made for a billing period beyond change date. It then charges your account for new plan fee starting from change date. If you want that your shared plan need to be upgraded to the reseller plan, then plz, you need to make a request to support, as for that you need to do the signup in a reseller account, and then a transfer of the shared account needs to be done.

It is standard with most plans that you can upgrade when your site needs to. Checking to see which plan will be best for you before you upgrade can be the key. You will want to look at some factors such as how fast is your site growing, what do you want to add in the near future. These things will help you to choose a new plan that you will not be changing again real soon.

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