Monday, May 21, 2018

use of sla in hosting

Terms and Acceptable Usage Policy our Service Level Agreement, SLA is probably the most important piece of text we will need to read. And read we will have to, the entire text. Once we have familiarized ourself with this SLA we can start to skim through and look out for the details we feel are most important to us as we search for other hosting companies.
An SLA basically tells us what services we will be paying for, what rights we do and do not have. We are agreeing to pay for our web hosting and for what is in the SLA and nothing else.
The web host provider is letting us know in print, what we will have to agree to if we wish to use their services. But remember, that it also tells us, what rights we have. If the web host provider does not live up to the SLA, we now have a right to use this agreement to our advantage.
Web sites and web pages are very powerful marketing tools to appeal and enhanced the client to act or buy the service that company is offering. Web pages can contain images, Flash, colors, even sounds and music. A web page can even be interpreted as one big advertisement to the buyer.
Why the SLA of a company, or in this case, a web host provider is so important. It is straight to the point and to quite a number of people simply find it boring. Many times the SLA is written in small text, is very long and to some people confusing or complicated. We may notice some SLA's are almost hidden or at the bottom of a page in small text or only available on the order form.
To have our SLA on the first page would look very odd and highly unusual. There are many reasons why some companies choose to have their SLA located where they are and written the way they are. Some do it simply so they do not confuse the buyer.
Companies do not scare the buyer so he or she thinks that what they are "getting into", is way out of their league. Unfortunately, some companies "hide" these service agreements because it reveals too much about the company and what we are really purchasing.
The colorful and bedazzling web pages? Well these SLA's are just the opposite. They get straight to the point. It's like opening the hood of a car and looking at the engine to see exactly how it works.Means geting the way of working.
If we do not find an SLA anywhere on the website and have looked on just about all the web pages, then simply move on to another provider. This must be present on all web host providers selling services, even if they are free.
The web host provider can always change their SLA if need be, but find out if we will be notified of the change and how much time we will have to adapt to these changes. It is not good agreeing to their terms and then having them change it later on to something we did not agree to.
We may wish to make a copy of their SLA page and save it on to our computer's hard disk. We may also find it much easier to read their SLA by copying and pasting the text into Notepad and reading it from there. There is actually no need to read the small print on the web page itself, just copy and paste.
Some web host providers is to provide their SLA on the order form. This is where we are just about to enter our credit card details and pay for our web hosting that they inform us of their SLA.

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