Thursday, May 17, 2018

web mail companies

We can send mail through the web ,is this is called web mail or something other is called?
Web mail is a service which is provided by the different kind of browser companies which is installed in our hard disk.They generally used this thing for the promotion for the some kind of their products.

They uses some email services such as signature, vacation reply and filters, but they do not include some characters such as catch-all and aliases and usually provide less disk space to store messages.
these web mail companies is can be slow but they have a special need that you should have at least a internet connection for mailing means for the compose the mail as well as forwarding the mail from a user account to another user account.

Apart of all these things there is another scenario which should we considered that it has some disadvantages also that we cant check out our old emails as well as cant get a user id very easily because these are not work off line and they are designed or developed by the spammers.
If we consider it's feature then it can be....

- Making multiple Folders
- Trash folder
- Address book or Contact list
-Filtering or check the incoming email to forward to related folder.

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