Monday, May 21, 2018

Why most non-resellers need a re-seller web hosting package

Now days I see that most of peoples looking for a Reseller web hosting account. Why most non-resellers need a re-seller web hosting package?
Every serious online entrepreneur should take a careful look at re-seller web hosting. Contrary to what many people think, these accounts are not strictly for web hosting re-sellers. Anybody who can pay the rates can get a re-seller account and enjoy the huge benefits and economy that go with it. So why would somebody who is not a re-seller need a re-seller web hosting account?
To start with, there are many online small businesses who have many websites and are paying for several hosting accounts. Usually, somebody starts out with one web hosting service, but as they expand they use others and quickly end up with half a dozen different ones. When you calculate the rates being paid to all the different hosts, it quickly adds up. The simple solution for most online entrepreneurs who find themselves in this situation is to get all their online resources under a single web host. A re-seller web hosting package usually turns out to be the most ideal solution.
Just compare the rates for yourself. One popular re-seller account package is priced at $35. This re-seller package allows you to host 100 domains. You are able to give every domain you host up to 20GB’s of monthly transfer and up to 2.5GB of storage. This is actually quite a competitive re-seller package but if you look around you can easily find a similar deal that is close to this or even better.
The other fear of touching re-seller packages has to do with the fear of selling that a vast majority of small business owners have. Many dread the thought of having to sell the extra hosting capacity that they will be stuck with. Actually with the savings many will end up making you do not need to resell the extra capacity you have. You can give it away to friends. And you can go further than that. It is fairly easy to ask your friends to sell the extra capacity on your behalf for the free hosting you have provided them. If you get 10 people paying you only $3.50cts per month you will already be enjoying free hosting for your site.
Re-seller web hosting accounts are economical for online entrepreneurs with growth potential because it allows for any sudden expansion in the future. Sudden unexpected upswings in business are getting more and more common for online businesses. Imagine ending up with a site that is suddenly over the bandwidth usage level and therefore not accessible because of a sudden increase in traffic usage. This is unfortunate because it can take some effort to generate the traffic in the first place.

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