Monday, May 14, 2018

Why people choose dedicated server?

Why people choose dedicated server when shared or Reseller web hosting account can fulfill their requirement?

There may be more than one benefit of dedicated server use that might be of interest to you?
One benefit of dedicated server usage is that you will have full control of administrative functions. Obviously, this is not something that could occur on a shared server, where you would be sharing space with hundreds or maybe thousands of other websites. Because you have the benefit of dedicated server control, you can make changes that will impact only you, not the untold masses.
Another benefit of dedicated server usage is the level of security that you control. The ability to lock and unlock the server is in your hands. No one will be able to do anything with your content without your express permission. You become much less susceptible to hijacking. Making changes to your documents can be done quickly and easily.

Another benefit of dedicated server usage is that you still have support from the web hosting company. While it is true that support will most likely be limited.

Dedicated hosting benefits aside, knowing that you have control of your site and that you are as secure from hackers as possible may be the only benefit of dedicated server usage that really matters.
Reseller web hosting also has some Disadvantage so people choose a dedicated server.
What is The Downside of Reseller Hosting?
Reseller hosting offers fewer resources than a dedicated server, and thus may exceed resource constraints sooner than with a dedicated server. A reseller hosting account can only hold so many clients before the space and bandwidth are greater than any reseller package the hosting company can provide, and it becomes more economically feasible to upgrade to a dedicated server. This requires moving clients from the reseller account to the dedicated server, which could result in downtime.
In addition to the moving and expansion issues, most reseller hosting accounts offer little in terms of customization. Reseller accounts are usually set in what software is installed on the box, and the versions available. An example would be a client asking for PHP 5 when the version that's installed on the server hosting the reseller account is PHP 4. While some hosts may be happy to upgrade and accommodate, other hosts will not be able to upgrade as quickly.
One of the primary advantages of using a dedicated server over a typically shared hosting account is the increased amount of resources and control available. In most instances, the customer may install whatever software necessary, allowing for greater flexibility and options. Custom software can be installed, which also lends to security, since there is less chance for a hacking attempt, since only one site is being hosted, rather than several hundred at a time.

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