Sunday, 22 April 2018

game server provider

Most computer game enthusiasts are hooked onto online gaming. Many popular games can be played online with friends or even unknown gamers on the net. The online gaming experience is an entirely different one and most gamers love it. A great internet gaming experience requires great game servers.

The gaming servers work just like your average web server. Just that, instead of hosting websites, these special servers hosts computer games that users can join and play. The crucial information related to gaming, like the scores and the rules of the game are in the server and are accessed from there as well. The gamers just log on and play the game that attracts them most.

Even an individual can host a server on his very own computer and play online games. However, such connections can support only a few players and are generally quite slow. If you want a complete online multi player gaming experience, you need to go for bigger gaming servers. These server providers have great speed and at the same time, are loaded with advanced hardware. This makes these gaming servers capable of hosting gaming servers of any size.

The games that rate the highest on the popularity charts are the Battlefield series, Counter Strike, Unreal Tournament and Call of Duty. Most gaming servers provide web hosting, free oral communication and also free support. The amount that you have to pay for playing online multi player games depend upon the server and the game you play. Generally, the cost is around $2 for each player. Sometimes, keen gamers make a team and then share the cost of the server. In fact, there are some ardent gamers who dish out the entire amount from their pockets! The gaming servers are usually free but there are certain private servers that demand passwords.

The great gaming servers are a blessing for all game lovers around the world. The players can play against each other and not virtual opponents, as in single player games. This has resulted in the considerable booming in the game server market.

Be a Web Hosting Provider

If you are thinking of becoming a web hosting provider, there are some basic things to know which are required to become a web hosting provider. 

First of all, you'll need a server which has enough space to host at least a few websites and their contents. You'll also need to have enough bandwidth to support your clients' visitors. Also, you'll need to provide some additional services like email accounts, customer support, etc, to compete with another web hosting provider.
The important factor in being a web hosting provider is to have enough disk space to support many web sites. You must also plan the type of clients you would get. If your clients are individuals or small business holders then you'll not require high storage but, if your clients host large business sites then you need huge space. You also need to have attractive features to get good clients.

As a web hosting provider you need to also think about electronic payment system for you clients. They should be able to receive and send payments electronically through their website. Paypal is the best option. You'll also need to provide a shopping cart for your clients with online business. You need to do all these to be a good web hosting provider.

There are other aspects in being a web hosting provider is operating systems. You may support operating systems like UNIX, LINUX if you are planning to host sites built in PHP, etc. Microsoft would be better for ASP. For e-commerce the former is much better.
This may seem very tough but trust me a web hosting provider is ascertained by certain basic features. The size and speed of your server, the additional features you provide, etc, are very important. You need to provide all the services that your customer needs. Do all these things wisely with dedication and take my words, you'll be a very successful web hosting provider.

Back To School Web Hosting

With the starting of the schools there is also a new starting for web hosts because many hosting companies plan special fall campaigns designed for these small business startups. 

But lately there has been another wave around this time of year and it comes as specialized hosting packages for students and parents. Increasingly we are seeing websites for bloggers, online photos, resumes, family forums, podcasting, and web cams. This variety of new technologies has spawned a larger need for web hosting. Someone has to host all of this content and information. And in some cases like web cameras, photos, and podcasting the hosting needs are pretty large.

After the blogging the thing which comes is called podcasting This is the art of taking a blog to the spoken level. People can record whatever they want and upload it to a pod casting website for the whole world to hear.

The next step is after step up from blogging and podcasting your thoughts and voice, is actually filming yourself. Web cams are finding their way in to all sorts of places and the back to school season seems to spur an extra boost. Web cams are being used by schools to allow parents to view their child, they are being used around campuses and neighborhoods for security, and also by parents and children separated by distance to see each other.
This can make a complete web school based hosting.

Windows Web Hosting Provider

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Saturday, 21 April 2018

Identify With Your Domain Name

Choosing a better domain name is a better option because when choosing a domain name the name, or URL, can have an impact in both the online and offline marketing of your web-site. Long or difficult to spell domain names can make people ignore your web site and it has to be pretty good for them to stick with it.

Obtain a domain name that will help you in your marketing niche and strategy. Like I stated before, you can use your business name as your URL. If your business name is already taken by someone else then get a URL name close to what you are doing. Purchasing a business name domain name isn't the only way to go, and when a keyword domain name could do just fine.

We should also consider our brand name because it put your domain name on your letterhead, business card, printed materials; put it on your phone recording, the side of your car; don't forget to include it with your email.
Through this scene we can hope for a better domain name.

What is a Domain Name and Why Would I Want One

What is a Domain Name?
Before we can go into what a domain name is I'm going to tell you why we need them as the answers compliment each other. The Internet is just a really big collection of connected computers (a network). For the purpose of explaining domain names you can think of the Internet a bit like the phone system and just like the phone system every computer on the Internet has it's own phone number except an Internet phone number is called an IP addresses. This address is made up of up to 12 digits in the form, computers use these IP addresses to send information to each other over the Internet.
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Reselling Domain Names

Becoming a domain name registrar as a reseller is a great solution for webmasters who registers many domains, and a great money making opportunity for anyone on the Web. Here's how reselling domain names works and where to sign up to be one.
How Reselling Domain Names Works:
The domain name registrars offers reseller programs to any individual or business who wishes to sign up. If their request is granted an access then they register domains according to the register norms and might sell it to customers again. Even though the buyer pays the reseller and may even access the domain name control panel at the reseller's site, the domain name is actually registered with the reseller's parent registrar and all the business transactions is in hands of registrars only. Normally the initial registrar will still take care of all services like registration and customer support.
Driving Down Prices:
Well a Reseller can provide discounts also on registering Domains with registrar. He can then provide any fruitful offers to its customers with this earning.Domain resellers have become very successful by offering these lower prices, and the competition among resellers has driven the price of domain names down from over $35 to as low as $9.95 and still dropping!